Black gunpowder charger

Black gunpowder charger

The blackgunpowder charger evokes the past while being dressed up in the most modern style. We pay special attention to safety, quality, and appearance, so that the lovers of firearms may expand their collection with a fitting accessory. The visual world of the 19th century German version comes alive before us, which combines elegances and precision, while we have used the achievements and the innovations of 21st century technology during the course of production. We have made use of our company’s decades of experience in machinery production and processing of materials (the blackgunpowder charger) and we work tirelessly to develop the course of production including the novelties in it as well. Our aim is to provide an experience during use, which cannot be achieved with any other, similar kind of tool. During the selection of the materials we only use the ones which quarantee the threesome of of durability, safe operation and predictability.

We would like to ( with the aptitude of the blackgunpowder charger) (( as well )) pay hommage to the blackgunpowder which started its journey from China, and which appeared in Europe approximately 800 years ago, and has been continuously used ever since, it is going through its renaissance both in hunting and in sports target shooting and its use spreads.

Each ( blackgun charger ) (( piece )) comes with its own serial number, of which we issue a unique certificate.This ensures its warranty, which we guarantee to repair until an unlimited period of time in case of wear and tear resulting from use. The clamp is made of cast steel with rust-free pressure plate. The dosage device is made of a special brass alloy which withstands the wear resulting from mechanical operation. The axis and the guide made of super solid, rust-free steel, just like the brace spring of the device. The barrells of the cells are fastened with precise laser welding. Through this we can ensure the dosage precision of a maximum of plus-minus 0.2 grains. The volumetric quantity can be adjusted between 35 and 65 grain continuously. The dosage process is quicker than with the one arm tilting or push cell dosagers. In the setting following the blackgunpowder reception position, there is an unloading position where the measured amount is able to take on the natural volume, this is how the most possibly precise dosage repeat (with the working of the black gunpowder) precision is ensured, The tank is made with lamination, its cap fits snugly, but only to the extent, that in the event of any problem it is able to fall off and release the pressure. ( The specialty of the blackgunpowder charger is) that in the tank a permeable plate can be found, which ensures that the pressure of the gunpowder column is nearly always the same in the dosage cell.

We are committed to the innovations made in the interest of sustainability, therefore currently a fine neck valve is under development for the tank as an option, with which it can be closed off securely without spillage, so that before disassembly the tank will not have to be emptied. Simultaneously with it comes a removeable upper dosage cell, with which the dosage of the small amount which is necessary for revolvers and pistols can be ensured.

Do give the experience provided by blackgunpowder charger a try, it will surely enthrall you.